Nutrition For Kids

It’s Never Too Early To Enjoy Soy.

Good nutrition for kids is important. Protein and other nutrients help them develop to their full potential. Foods made with soy protein provide kids with a good source of high quality, complete protein.

Many fortified soy foods can be good sources of important nutrients for growing children such as calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Most moms know how important it is for their kids to get enough calcium in their diets because of its ability to help build strong bones. But in order to absorb all of that calcium in the body, you also need to be getting enough vitamin D.

Drinking 8th Continent Soy beverage lets moms put both calcium and vitamin D into the family’s diet. One glass of soy beverage has the same amount of calcium as dairy milk.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children aged 4-8 get 25 grams of fiber per day, and those amounts increase as kids get older. 

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Soy Beverage

Health Fact

Soy beverages are great for those who are lactose and gluten intolerant.