From Our Family To Yours.

8th Continent® Original Soy Beverage


8th Continent® Vanilla Soy Beverage


Bullet -Illustration of Button Did You Know?

We’re a family-run company. Lou’s the Dad, and he and his four kids only make stuff their own family would bring to the table. Using the very best ingredients and running through a triple-check quality process, they make sure everything is top-notch.

Bullet -Illustration of Button Healthy Quick Facts

  1. 8th Continent is great for those who are lactose and glucose intolerant.
  2. 8th Continent is good for kids too.
  3. 8th Continent is a source of protein, calcium, vitamins A, D and B12.
  4. 8th Continent is super-duper yummy.

Bullet -Illustration of Button True or False?

8th Continent Uses Beans Sourced In The USA?

Answer: True!

Our soy beverages are made from beans grown with fresh water, clean air and bright sunshine right here in the good ole’ US of A.  And our beans haven’t been touched by genetic engineering.

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